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We have the ability to deliver all types of injectable range because we are one of the most reputable third party pharma producers. We employ the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment because we are a leading 3rd Party Manufacturing Pharma Company. Leading professionals and a team of specialists that are knowledgeable about the global industry standard support our organisation. We are connected to India's top distribution networks, which enable us to deliver all manufactured goods on schedule. On the list of Top Pharma Manufacturers in India, our company is listed. We guarantee the quality of the drugs' packaging in addition to their efficacy.

We have 7 running Lines simultaneously in our manufacturing unit.
  • Beta Lactams liquid Line
  • General category dry powder Line
  • General category liquid vial Line
  • General category liquid ampoule Line
  • Pre Filled Syringe Line
  • Lyophilized Injectable Line
  • Eye/Ear/Nasal drop Line
PROTECH TELELINKS is renowned as one of the leading focused contract manufacturer of Dry beta ,Non beta,Liquid vial and Eye drops with daily manufacturing capacity as: Dry betalactum injections – 1.2 Million vial Per day. Dry Non-beta Injectable – 2.4 Lacs vials Per day. Ampules - 3.4 Lacs Per day. Eye Drops - 50,000 Drops Per day.a Liquid Vial - 30,000 Vials Per day. Protech Telelinks take on contract manufacturing for established brands and assure consistency, reliability and quality in any of these products made to standard formula or to the brand formula required by a contacting company. Complete confidentiality is assured. The Management and Staff of PROTECH TELELINKS welcome you. We are pleased to have you in our list of esteemed customers and assure you of the best services in future. Quality products prompt service and fair dealing will be our mantra for success. If Any query you may feel free to contact on

Third Party Manufacturing Company In India

Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Company In India – Protech Telelinks is a Top Pharma Third Party Manufacturing Company in India. Buying a product under your own brand name from a reputed Third Party Manufacturing Pharma is known as Pharma Third Party Manufacturing. Pharma 3rd party manufacturing is the best option for pharma experts who want to expand their pharmaceutical market at a low cost. Cutting down on quality should not be your goal in growing your business network. This gives the advantage of funding to independent drug makers.

Protech Telelinks offer third party products as well as their own manufacturing facilities. By offering the very highest-quality third party manufacturing, we, in India, help third party manufacturers, distributors, and businesses grow. Since we value quality as a "valuable segment", most of our products are produced in "Specialized Manufacturing Units" by our trusted vendors. We produce each product in the best possible way under their strict supervision.

Leading Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Company | Protech Telelinks

Protech Telelinks, a leading Pharmaceutical third-party manufacturer primarily focuses on producing drugs from every sector of the pharmaceutical industry. As a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical drugs, we utilize the largest facilities and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture the highest quality goods. Owing to ISO 9001:2015 and GMP WHO certification of our facility, we are ranked among the top third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India.

One-stop solution for all pharma products, including leadership and consultancy in pharma marketing, exclusive and state-of-the-art packaging, and Concept of Packaging Material to meet any requirement. The entire product line manufactured at our facility is subjected to appropriate testing and clinical laboratory tests to verify the quality. Our extensive production infrastructure enables us to offer a wide selection of medicines to our partners.

Protech Telelinks Manufacturing Facilities Packaging & Labeling

Protech Telelinks is dedicated to the quality, patient safety, and continuous improvement of our products with the objective of evaluating our drug's effectiveness in treating multiple diseases. The highest standards of safety, quality, and hygiene are always followed, whether we are procuring raw materials, manufacturing facilities, or packaging.

  • The packaging of a product greatly affects the customer's perception by third parties.
  • Effective labeling and packaging add value to the product.
  • This significantly affects consumer preference for brands.
  • We have a variety of primary packaging standards available.

Through the provision of extremely high-quality products, Protech Telelinks helps third party manufacturers, distributors, and businesses grow in India.

Benefits of Choosing Protech Telelinks for Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Services

To compete in the pharmaceutical market, it is important to provide a product line that is innovative and of high quality. One of the largest pharma companies offering third party manufacturing, Protech Telelinks has developed a solid reputation as a third party manufacturing company and has built many relationships with a wide variety of businesses across the country. By joining us you can get various benefits -

  1. Team of Qualified Professionals - The essential hallmark of our third party manufacturing company is represented by the team of professionals, scientists, doctors, and experts from each and every department.
  2. GMP-WHO-Certified - Our company is WHO-GMP certified. We have worked hard to establish our brand as the most trusted brand in the third party resources market.
  3. Reasonably Priced Products - We have high-quality affordable pharma products available. The main objective of the company is to provide medical care to third-party customers. Our tagline is serving humanity.
  4. Manufacturing unit- A business has a facility where it can produce goods in both large and small quantities. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and hi-tech equipment. A dedicated team with wide experience in the pharmaceutical industry supports the business.

Contact Details

Name - Protech Telelinks

Address - HEAD OFFICE:-SCO 36-37, SECTOR – 17, HUDA, JAGADHARI. 135003

Phone Number - +91-8607309191, +91-8571891912, & +91-8580660923

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the benefits of hiring third party manufacturers in pharma?

A - Third Party manufacturers control the manufacturing process, which reduces production and labor management expenses. A third-party manufacturer can produce comparable goods for multiple businesses under different brand names, and so can a pharmaceutical company.

Q - What are the documents to be submitted for Pharma Manufacturing Services?

A - The following documentation must be submitted in order to get pharmaceutical manufacturing services: Company Documents: Aadhaar, Trademark IP Certificates, Pan, and Certificate of Incorporation Billing Records: billing company information, GST, and drug licence.

Q - Which Manufacturing Business Has the Highest Margins?

A - Manufacturing companies that rely on contract manufacturing or third-party production determine their margins based on factors such as raw material cost, facility capacity, etc. On the cost sheet of contract manufacturing rates, manufacturing units usually add a 25-40% margin.